Ben Miethke directs ‘Fast Land’ for Moderat.

A reflection on the advancing urgency that defines our reality, triggered by progression and a seemingly ever-increasing acceleration.

Words from Ben below.

Contrary to the cut, if you had to represent this video with a single frame, what would you select and why?

BM: To me, the apathetic group in the white studio space is a representing motif of our times. Especially due to the enhancement of the artificial intelligence that detects, tracks, and traps each individuum. It’s this feeling of a dead faint that I observe around me more and more these days.

‘Fast Land’ Moderat

‘Fast Land’ Moderat

In contrast to this feeling, I love the comprehensibility of the kids out there in nature. It grounds and reminisces our humanness.

‘Fast Land’ Moderat by Ben Miethke 2


You layer abstract graphics and rendered images against live-action, sometimes cut in a sequence, other times they are layered together.

BM: The relationship between live-action and abstract graphics is a crucial one to me. I wanted to give some sort of perspective on the human position in between the micro and the macro. The goal was to reflect on our significance/insignificance with these universal imageries.

I wanted to give some sort of perspective on the human position in between the micro and the macro.

All the used graphics are actual footage created by neuronal or molecule imaging scientists, astrophotographers, or NASA/ESA. Only the genuineness of these images made this idea viable to me.

‘Fast Land’ Moderat

‘Fast Land’ Moderat

What are you reading at the moment?

BM: ‘There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness’ by Carlo Rovelli and ‘Bit Rot’ by Douglas Coupland.

Yannick Fauth, Olivier Müller & Maëva Tenneroni
Executive Producer
Vera Mayskaya
Director of Photography
Stefanie Grau
Set Designer
Natalia Wierzbicka
Christian Fitzenwanker
Hair Stylist
First Encounters
Le Berg
Production Company
Production Company

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