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For information on our selection criteria and release details please visit our INFORMATION PAGE before signing up.

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We only accept submissions made by Library members via the SITE FORM and a limited number of Narrative Fiction and Documentary Short Films via FILMFREEWAY.

If you have a film that has been made for charity (non-profit), or if you are currently enrolled in or a recent graduate of a partner film school, you are welcome to share a screening link with us by email without membership or cost, CONTACT US.

Invoices are available on request.

Membership Types


If you are on a production company roster, or collaborating with an agency or publicist, we encourage you to ask them to submit on your behalf.

If you are a freelance filmmaker, or are not yet represented, you are welcome to ask an EP at a company who has an active membership with us to submit on your behalf. We politely request that the company indicates this when submitting.

PR Companies
Unfortunately, we will no longer be issuing or renewing memberships for PR companies. We require that individual companies have a membership with us in order to submit work.
We are accepting a limited number of Narrative Fiction and Documentary Short Films as one-time submissions via FILMFREEWAY — Runtimes must be over 5 minutes, and under 40 minutes.
Company Membership — $59.99 / 1 year
For companies who wish to share numerous projects created by filmmakers they represent. We will also invite your company to have its logo displayed on our info page as a supporter.
There is no limit on the number of submissions you can make as long as you have been involved in the production of the project or its release. Membership will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and will expire automatically.

It may take up to 48 hours for us to process your new membership (excluding weekends and holidays). You will receive a payment confirmation email and then a second email from us that contains your Membership ID.

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