Duncan Loudon directs ‘Your Love’ for Tourist.

The life of a stuntman.

Words from Duncan below.

What can you tell us about the Stuntman?

DL: Andy, the stuntman was great — we got really lucky. Marc Cass was our Stunt-coordinator from very early on in the project,
 he was a huge help with suggesting the kinds of stunts and setups that may be able to work for the budget and time. He also bought Andy, Gary and Ray onto the project.

All those guys are really experienced with very impressive IMDB lists.

‘Your Love’ Tourist 3


Did the risks involved impact the way you approached the project?

DL: Logistically more than anything. The shooting of the actual fire burning has to be so rehearsed and mapped out beforehand, 
going over how it all exactly needs to play out with Marc in terms of safety and steps long before the shoot day.

Once Andy goes off to get ready for the actual stunt everyone on set has to be ready and silent, once Andy is wearing the mask he can barely see or hear so it’s important that the only voice he can hear is Marc’s instruction when he’s on fire: how many seconds he’s been on fire, and when to go down.

BTS: 'Your Love' Tourist

BTS: ‘Your Love’ Tourist

You just have to hope that it all works well and that you have the amount of fire needed for it to look decent.

The 10 minutes or so you have to wait for Andy to walk back on set and as he’s being covered in the fire gel is pretty tense, partly for the safety worry but also because we knew we could only try the stunt once. You just have to hope that it all works well and that you have the amount of fire needed for it to look decent. The length and path of his run needed to be right as we were on a track, so the camera couldn’t adjust too much if his movement changed a lot, and then obviously the exposure, light, and focus.

The words RISK & REWARD stand out in the video.

DL: RISK & REWARD is the title of a larger project I’m working on. I used it within the video as the name of the fictitious movie that the stuntman and actor are working on. 
It’s on the director’s chairs, but it’s also the title printed on the script he’s reading.

What are you reading at the moment?

DL: ‘Jerusalem’ by Jez Butterworth, has been on my side table for too long.

Ayo Davis
Director of Photography
Lead Stuntman
Andy Bennett
Marc Cass
Stunt Co-Ordinator
Bon Walsh
Production Design
Melanie Szabo
Hair & MUA
Production Company

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