Marine Serre, Ryan Doubiago, and Sacha Barbin direct ‘Ostal 24’ SS22 for Marine Serre.

Words from the director/s below.

The film was screened in Marais during Fashion Week. How was that?

Watching the film with an audience for the first time is always special. Since screening films during Fashion Week is a relatively new concept, we don’t think people knew what to expect.

Our goal was to make a film that touches the senses. We wanted the audience to feel the clothes through the image and sound.

‘Ostal 24’ Marine Serre 8


Could we talk about the connection between the film and the pieces?

The world we presented in the film was totally inspired by the clothes.

Marine had the idea to structure in chapters, each chapter representing artisanal craft and traditions. Because Marine is pioneering the use of recycled materials, the idea was to connect these pieces with their natural origins. For example, in the kitchen scene, the clothes are made from tablecloth.

If you had to choose a keyframe from the film, what would it be and why?

It would be the image of Rouguy touching the tree (below).

Rouguy Faye — 'Ostal 24' Marine Serre

Rouguy Faye — ‘Ostal 24’ Marine Serre

It’s an idea that came right before shooting. We wanted to show the connection between humans and nature in a simple way.

You have collaborated together in the past. What makes for a successful directorial collaboration?

After our first film together, a bond was created. We are three different people with very different backgrounds but because we trust each other’s visions we’re able to collaborate in creating meaningful work.

Because we trust each other’s visions we’re able to collaborate in creating meaningful work.

What are you reading at the moment?

Marine — ‘An Apartment in Uranus’ by Paul B. Preciado.
Sacha — ‘Corsair Writings’ by Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Ryan — ‘The Wine-Dark Sea’ by Robert Aickman.

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