Nina Meredith directs ‘Exhale’ (Series).

Big Wave Surfing in Portugal (above)

Big Wave Surfer, Hugo Vau, surfed the largest wave ever in Nazare, Portugal. This beautifully poetic and intimate documentary follows Hugo Vau as he recalls the strength, ambition and fears that lead up to the day that forever changed his life and career.


Mushing in Alaska

Identical twin mushers, Anna and Kristy, prepare for the annual 2019 Iditarod- a two week long distance race across the grueling Alaskan climate.


Free Diving in The Canary Islands

Professional Free Diver, Miguel Lozano, attempts a world record on just one breath. This poetic portrait explores the ocean’s depths, magic and dangers through the lens of one of the world’s most mentally and physically challenging sports- free diving.