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We have introduced an annual membership that allows filmmakers to make unlimited submissions to Directors’ Library for a single, yearly cost of $14.99.

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We now only accept submissions from Library members. If you have a Patreon code from earlier in 2020, please contact us.

Selection Criteria

We acknowledge that every project has unique merits, and so, we remain flexible when viewing each submission. We often consider the categories below:

  • Narrative / Journey
  • Originality / Creativity
  • Craft / Proficiency
  • Timeliness / Relevance

Please understand that we only share a small selection of the videos we receive. We will notify you on the status of your submission, however, at this time we are unable to offer feedback.

We encourage you to share work with us prior to its release, however, we cannot review works-in-progress or trailers. For films already publicly viewable online, we only consider those that have been released within the past two months.

Release Details

? Library

If your video is selected, it will be added to our website archive and be featured on both the homepage and under the relevant category pages. This includes the related and suggested boxes under content throughout the site. Depending on availability and timing, we will occasionally request an interview with the director.

? Socials

A link to your video on Directors’ Library will be posted across select social handles. These may include Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

Occasionally, stills may not be strong enough for Instagram, in these cases, we’ll consider clips, or otherwise skip the platform entirely as it affects engagement on our future posts. We always encourage you to share clips or teaser trailers for us to use on social.

✉️ Newsletter

Directors’ Library publishes a regular newsletter and we may include your video in one of these bulletins.

? Vimeo

If you provide us with a Vimeo link we will add your video to our Vimeo channel providing privacy settings allow.

We typically respond to submissions within 3 to 5 working days.

We reserve the right to remove any video from our website or social media accounts.