Theo Le Sourd directs ‘Sometimes I Wonder’.

A young flight attendant is thinking of her lover on the other side of the world.

Words from the director, Theo Le Sourd.

Set in New York during this pandemic we all know too well, we follow Josephine through the warm days of Spring and her memories of this mysterious lover we never see. Josephine wanders through the city and tries to keep a smile despite what is happening around her. Halfway between an intimate letter, and fiction, it is a sensual poem about love, memory, and a looming heartbreak.

When the covid pandemic started, I started wondering about my future, my loved ones, and the state of the world. As the days went by, I started documenting some of the anecdotes that were unfolding in front of my eyes. Those notes turned into a poem and became the premise of the film.

The cinematographer and I started driving around to see how it felt to be in an empty city. I wanted to show the city in constructions, the empty streets, the boarded stores, what New York truly felt like during those months.

Director of Photography
Sound Design