Brock Neal-Roberts is a London-based filmmaker, directing music videos and commercial works.

Below are Brock’s selects and what he had to say:

This is a list of what are my go-to things to watch rather than what I feel are the very best. A compilation of videos, films, and adverts that I always go back to for a sense of inspiration, energy, or nostalgia. 

Essential: Music Videos

‘Stress’ Justice (2007)

Directed by Romain Gavras

A pure, chaotic, energy-fuelling raucous of a music video. Whenever I get caught up in the feeling of wanting to create something super technical, watching this reminds me of that foundational quality of a music video; to capture and put forward the rawest emotion of the track – whatever that may be.

‘Territory’ The Blaze (2017)

Directed by The Blaze

One that will be on many people’s lists for many different reasons – I can remember watching this just after I had made my first music video and being blown away. Everything about it just clicked together so harmoniously. A video I still watch regularly to this day for inspiration of what a music video can potentially be.

‘To Live And Die In Grantham’ Clark (2015)

Directed by Christopher Hewitt

The fringe, pink t-shirt, black body warmer, and gloves. The caravan park. Just a masterpiece of a music video that tantalises the underbelly of British culture. It starts weird and just gets weirder – a niche classic.

Essential: Films

Stray Dog (1949)

Directed by Akira Kurosawa

A film that incorporates weather sensationally. You can really feel that intense inner-city summer heat. Translating those elemental forces to an audience is something so difficult to do, looks so simple, and is so effective – this has the best use of rain in all film noir.

Eastern Promises (2007)

Directed by David Cronenberg

Every city seems to have these two faces. The less we know about the one we aren’t a part of the more we are enthralled by a story about it. Tense, complex, violent, and hugely watchable. Worth it for the bathhouse scene alone.

Catch Me Daddy (2015)

Directed by Daniel Wolfe

I’ve always been fascinated by the juxtaposition between the beauty of landscape and the brutality of humans. This film juggles both so beautifully whilst also feeling so quintessentially British.

Essential: Campaigns

‘Secret Tournament’ Nike (2002)

Directed by Terry Gilliam

In a very hotly contested race, this is for me was the best Nike football advert growing up. A bit weird and a bit dark but so much fun. I think Nike probably got the ball rolling on what adverts could be and broke out of the mould in terms of advertising. To do a Nike advert remains the holy grail for so many directors.

‘The Impossible Dream’ Honda (2005)

Directed by Ivan Zacharias

I can remember this being the first advert that blew me away in terms of its craft. I was only young when it came out but it has stuck in my mind forever since. An epic couple of minutes that is more an ethereal experience than an advert.

‘We’re The Superhumans’ Paralympics (2016)

Directed by Dougal Wilson

One of the all-time great adverts. Everything about it from top to bottom is incredible. One you have to go back and study each time you watch it.