Arnaud Bresson is a film director & photographer from the South West of France, currently based in Paris.

Below are Arnaud’s selects and what he had to say:

Selects: Music Videos

1. ‘Weapon Of Choice’ Fatboy Slim ft. Bootsy Collins (2001)

Directed by Spike Jonze

What a brilliant idea to choose Christopher Walken and have him dance. It seems obvious when you watch it but this idea is based on the fact that Spike Jonze found out that Christopher wanted to be a dancer when he was young. He gave him the opportunity and the result is just so beautiful and nailed. I also really like the edit, Spike Jonze is very good at it. Each shot has its importance, it’s carefully chosen and perfectly executed.

2. ‘Stress’ Justice (2007)

Directed by Romain Gavras

This clip is mad. Romain Gavras decides to show the violence of the French suburbs through the insane techno track of Justice and the result is a perfect match. The mise en scène is so well done, it’s like you’re watching a documentary, it looks so real!

3. ‘Sledgehammer’ Peter Gabriel (1986)

Directed by Stephen R. Johnson

This clip is the result of a huge amount of work because it’s a lot of ideas all wrapped up in one concept.

Selects: Campaigns

1. ‘Go With The Flaw’ Diesel (2017)

Directed by François Rousselet

I believe ‘Go With The Flaw’ is one of the first commercials that gave me an emotion. This film is very dear to me because it was made by François Rousselet, a director from the previous generation of mine at Division so they are like our big brothers. It’s a real opportunity to learn from them. He passed me on his love of advertising. Many directors dream of making feature films one day… Me? I would like to do commercials of the same level.

2. ‘Find Your Greatness – Jogger’ Nike (2012)

Directed by Lance Acord

This ad is simplicity in its purest form. It’s in my top 3 because it nails once again the key of everything: the emotion. It appeals to your guts. And for a brand that constantly talks about performance, about being the best of the best…. That means something even more. This ad shows us that life is a fight, that you can change, get better, set goals no matter what your level is or where you come from… the important thing is to do it and never let go. The light is incredible, the casting is perfect. You don’t need to have cuts all over the place and go fast to express performance and this ad is a flawless example of that.

3. ‘Temptation’ Cadbury’s (2010)

Directed by Jonathan Glazer

Wow! Guys, this is such an incredible idea even though it would be very controversial today. If we could put out ideas like this today, people would definitely spend more time waiting for TV commercials! Denis Lavant’s performance is magnificent.

Selects: Films

1. Dead Ringers (1988)

Directed by David Cronenberg

It’s a film that I discovered quite late. I was super impressed by the performance of Jeremy Irons, the man manages to play 2 completely different characters without any physical transformation.