For our 62nd instalment, we got in touch with Child. a director living in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Below are Child.’s selects and what they had to say:

Here are some of my favourites that influence the way I paint.

  • Crooklyn (1995)
  • Blue Bayou (2021)
  • Color Purple (1985)
  • ‘Got Til It’s Gone’ Janet Jackson (1997)
  • ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ Khalil Joseph (2014)
  • ‘Quand C’est?’ Stromae (2015)
  • Dear Mama (2022)
  • The Strange Things About The Johnsons (2011)
  • ‘You Love Me’ Beats By Dr Dre Presents (2020)

I remember watching this film at my Aunt’s house when I visited them in Arkansas. It was something about that young girl Troy that I saw in myself. Me wanting to run the street with my boy cousins. At the time, the film was a reflection of what I knew. Now looking back it planted a seed that I get to water every day. All in all, the film left a lasting impression that I still carry with me to this day.


This is remarkable from beginning to end. You rarely see a director deliver on a high level in each role. Justin Chon did just that as the actor, script writer, and director.


Being from the south we watched this film every Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’ll have you crying one minute and then laughing the next. So many gems dropped throughout this film.


‘Got Til’ It’s Gone’ is a “masterpiece” and has as much substance as it does style. Love how they used Malick Sidibé’s work as a motif. I probably watch this video 2 times a week.


Mesmerising, fluid, surreal and breathtaking. Khalil is by far in my top 5 of creatives. His work takes you on a ride that slowly crawls in your veins.


Stromae for me has been visually consistent from the start of his career. His visuals always feel original, fearless, and intentional. This one is by far my favourite from him.


One of the best documentaries I’ve seen.


This film is certainly uncomfortable to watch but it opens the eyes to what a truly sick world we live in. Though the story seems absurd it’s completely realistic. The acting, story telling, cinematography, and atmosphere are superb. Issues relating to mental, physical, and sexual abuse are fleshed out in the film.


Powerful, vivid, and cinematic. This spot changed the way I looked at the ad industry. I didn’t realize ads allowed for storytelling. I felt so proud watching this and for some reason everything started to click.



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