For our 53rd instalment, we got in touch with Giada Bossi, an Italian commercial and music video director based in Milan.

Below are Giada’s selects and what she had to say:

  • ‘Sabrina’ Einstürzende Neubauten (2000)
  • ‘Signatune’ DJ Mehdi (2006)
  • ‘Never Catch Me Flying’ Lotus feat. Kendrick Lamar (2014)
  • ‘Boring Angel’ Oneohtrix Point Never (2013)
  • Close (2022)
  • Donnie Darko (2001)
  • Stalker (1979)
  • Titane (2021)
  • Stop The Pounding Heart (2013)
  • Dog (2001)
  • ‘Find Your Greatness’ Nike (2012)

Well, thanks for having me!

Most of my “essentials” are already featured in previous episodes, but still, here are some little gems that could be new to someone. And some all-time favourites that I cannot keep out. Love is love.

So, here are some of the pieces that fed my emo soul.

I cannot find any better quality, but this is totally one of my favourites. What a track, what a perfect video for that track. Rough, dark, minimal, heartbreaking, dreadful.

Tiny actions tell a lot about the struggle of being different and trying to fit into a world that doesn’t even notice you. And it feels so real. His acting is so authentic. The way the prosthetic is done is just perfect. The way the location basically cries together with him moves me every time.


Blew me up, really. A killer mix of documentary and staging, a deep dive into the obsessive passion of the protagonist. Suburbs, arrogance, adrenaline, tuned cars, elderly parents kissing, strong faith. What else?


I cried for this one, giving me much relief at a specific time in my life, with its light and heartfelt perspective on death. Visually stunning, incredible cast, and that final silent shot is everything.

I wanted to shoot music videos after seeing it.


Pure storytelling genius.


A freshly new one, I saw it this month, I got out of the cinema and was just stoned by it. Cried all my tears ofc. It is so beautiful and so painful and the same time. The actors are incredible. The whole film is on the face of the protagonist.


My comfort food since I was fourteen. I found it randomly downloading films listed on Drew Barrymore’s Wikipedia I think. It was also Kelly’s debut film, and still a banger for me, and the soundtrack is 100/100.


Majestic rhythm. Visually stunning, every shot is a painting. Magnetic. I never completely got all the symbolism behind it, but every time I play the smallest excerpt, I just cannot stop watching it.


It is a film about loss, sorrow, and what it means to be human. If this film divided the audience, I’m totally on the enthusiastic side.

There’s a brave and harsh (positive) use of symbols – basically, a woman gets pregnant with a Cadillac. But once you accept this violence and dreadfulness as the basis of the storytelling, it is so human. The relationship between the protagonist, the new-found father, and the upcoming “baby” is just moving. Visually incredible. Loved it.


Delicate, Intimate, yet so powerful.

Not exactly a documentary but more “cinema du rèel”, it explores the clash of two completely different cultures in rural America: a devoted farm girl clashes with a nomad guy in town for the Rodeo. Pureness meets roughness in the turbulence of teenage years.


Brutally heartbreaking.


These campaigns are so simple and so strong. Example of how powerful relying on good stories and characters can be.



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