Short Film & Video Platforms

A non-exhaustive list of quality destinations for filmmakers to submit work online or irl.



A focus on horror short films and filmmakers.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Horror), No Fee

Animated Short Films (ASF)

ASF select the best of 2D, 3D, and stop motion animation.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, Membership required, No Fee

Another Gaze / Another Screen

Feminist film journal and streaming project, founded in January 2016.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, Editorial features, No Fee


Booooooom TV

Presents a daily selection of short films, music videos, and animations.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, Fee


Creative Boom

A leading art and design magazine.

  • Features: Online, Editorial


Dance Magazine

Source for everything dance.

  • Features: Online, Editorial

Directors’ Library

Showcases above-the-line shorts, music videos, campaigns, and motion pictures.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, Membership required, Fee

Director’s Notes

Featuring independent films and interviewing the filmmakers.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, Fee


Sci-fi stories from filmmakers, writers, and creators.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Sci-fi), No Fee


A global platform and creative studio for dance.

  • Features: Online

Film Shortage

An online cinema that showcases short films daily.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, Fee

Film Supply

Releasing short films while making the footage available to license.

  • Online, Industry features, (Non-Branded)

Free The Work

A talent-discovery platform for underrepresented creators.

  • Features: Online, Membership required


Creative news in art, design, and pop-culture.

  • Submissions: Online, Editorial features, No Fee


Girls In Film

Champions and connects women, non-binary, and trans creatives in film.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, No Fee


Huck Magazine & Video

Exploring independent culture; people and movements that paddle against the flow.

  • Submissions: Online, Editorial (Documentary)


i-D Magazine

Fashion, music, art, and youth culture.

  • Features: Online, Editorial


A music video database.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Music Videos), No Fee


Kaltblut Magazine

German indie magazine for art, fashion, and music.

  • Features: Online, Editorial

Kino London

London’s Indie Film Collective.

  • Submissions: Online and IRL (London, UK), Ongoing, No Fee

Kodak — Shoot Film

Kodak’s Motion Picture Film Community.

  • Features: Editorial (Shot on Kodak Film)



Sharing art and opinions.

  • Features: Online, Editorial

Le Cinéma Club

A free, curated platform that presents one film each week.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, No Fee

Little Black Book

Celebrating the world’s advertising creativity.

  • Features: Online, Industry



Platform showcasing quality content of creatives from around the world.

  • Features: Spotlights


No Budge

Spotlighting low-budget, no-budget, and DIY indie filmmaking.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Short Film), Fee


Video channel premiering global arts and culture.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing, No Fee


Office Magazine

Fashion and creative culture.

  • Features: Online, Editorial


Showcases short films.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Short Film), No Fee

One Point Four (1.4)

Featuring directing talent in short-form filmmaking.

  • Features: Online, Industry



The latest music videos.

  • Submissions: Online, Signup required (Music Video), No Fee



Delivering cutting-edge fashion, beauty, and culture in print and digital.

  • Submissions & Features: Online, Editorial

Shiny Awards

Connects new talent with a worldwide jury network.

  • Submissions: Ongoing, Fee

A platform for short film enthusiasts and creators.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Short Film), No Fee

Short Of The Week

Premiering short films from emerging filmmakers.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Short Film), Fee


News source for Film, TV, and Commercials.

  • Online, Industry feature

SHOTS Magazine

Spotlights creative advertising every day.

  • Features: Online, Industry features


Founded by Nick Knight to pioneer live media and fashion film.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Fashion), No Fee



News and digital media.

  • Features: Online, Editorial

Videoclip Italia

A space for International and Italian video-musical culture.

  • Submissions: Online, Ongoing (Music Video), No Fee

Video Static

A leading source for music video news.

  • Submissions: Online, Signup required (Music Video)

We are not affiliated, associated, or in any way officially connected with any of the external sites/platforms/companies presented on this list.